We installed better change-making scripts that are faster and more reliable.
We change some RAIDA to RAM based tables. Now RAIDA that were taking 5 seconds for a query
now only take .05 seconds. We installed our first Guardian Prototype. Now we can start installing real Guardians that
will protect us against Domain name seizure and loss of our proxy server that we use to keep
all hackers out. These servers may also serve as data storage servers for RAIDA Data.
These servers will be free to download and run on any machine. They will update
automatically. The RAIDA Data backend software is completed and ready for real testing.




2,097,152 Ones
2,097,152 Fives
2,097,152 Twenty-fives
8,388,608 One-hundreds
2,097,152 Two-Hundred and Fifties

1 through 2097152: Ones.
2097153 through 4194304: Fives.
4194305 through 6291456: Twenty-fives.
6291457 through 14680064: One Hundreds.
14680065 through 16777217: Two Hundred Fifties.

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